The Midget Green Swamp Moose
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In the spirit of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’  “The Yearling” and Katherine Paterson’s “Bridge To Terabithia”  The Midget Green Swamp Moose offers the reader a charming visit to rural life and lifestyle at a special time in the recent  American past.

In 1963 most of the world was in love with the Kennedy’s and Washington D.C.’s new version of Camelot. But that influence scarcely touches Melanie and Bret Fowler as they tend to chores and attempt to find diversions from summer boredom on their 117 acre family farm in the Florida panhandle.

Life turns and tumbles for 12 year old Bret and 11 year old Melly, as she is called, through an assortment of poignant and powerful moments.   At times tearfully sad, but far more often humorous and uplifting, The Midget Green Swamp Moose paints an endearing picture of time and place in keeping with a true southern living experience.

Recommended for ages 11 to Adult.

The Midget Green Swamp Moose

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