The Heart of Nine Tigers
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Chen Li, The Heart of Nine Tigers storyteller, claims to be more than 300 years old. He is able to recall, with  perfect clarity, events that occurred in the village of Ming Po long before the birth of anyone’s grandfather’s grandfather. No one in the village can remember a time when the old man was not seated in front of the large boulder in the center of town telling his stories to the children.

As the elder statesman of the entire Ming Po Valley, no one would ever doubt the authenticity of his tales. If Chen Li recalls a summer day when a deep snow fell across all the valley then that misplaced frosty day must surely have come and passed. When a man lives to be 300 years old he surely will have seen a great many wondrous things, and if we are fortunate, he shares with us all of his sights and memories.

Master storyteller Chen Li recalls a special day in the history of his beloved home, the village of Ming Po, a small hamlet hidden long ago in time, and far away in distance in a most remote corner of northern China.

Su Tai, is a simple 11 year old girl whose world extends no further than her small village and all of her friends within its boundaries. When word comes of the galloping approach of 10,000 conquering Mongol soldiers she knows she must find some way to preserve the peaceful life that has existed for hundreds of years in her valley. The Heart of Nine Tigers shows us that courage is bestowed to those who most desire it and teaches that quiet inner strength waits to be awakened in each of us.

Recommended for ages 7 to 12.

The Heart of Nine Tigers

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