I Woke Up In A Tree
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"I woke up in a tree, with branches all around. How I got here I don't know, I didn't hear a sound."

Children are often transported while sleeping and wake up in unknown surroundings such as their grandparents’ home or the seat of a car. When one little girl falls asleep while playing outside, she wakes up cradled in the branches of a tall tree.

How did she get there? That's what she would like to know, as she shares with young readers a wild variety of ways she might have gotten into such a ridiculous predicament.

I Woke Up In a Tree teaches children to be creative and that the possibilities life offers are exciting and endless.

The rhyming story by Keith Lawrence Roman is perfectly matched to wildly imaginative illustrations by Scottish children's book illustrator, Charlotte Rae Hogg.

Recommended for ages 3 to 6.

I Woke Up In A Tree

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