I Dreamt I Was A Princess
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I Dreamt I Was A Princess is a playful look at one little girl’s secret wish to be a beautiful princess. The joyous 30 page fully illustrated book for children tells the story of one little girl who in many ways is every little girl. By day she leads a very normal life, but once fallen into dreams is carried to a world of shining knights, tall castles and the occasional royal ball.

Morning brings a typical day of school, play and ready for bed. Just before she shuts her eyes, dad comes in to tuck her in. A kiss goodnight and our young miss is again fast asleep amidst enchantment.

I Dreamt I Was A Princess reminds us that in the eyes of mom or dad, grandmother and grandpa, every little girl is indeed a beautiful princess.

Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

I Dreamt I Was A Princess

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