Alligators Can't Stand Butterflies
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Alligators Can’t Stand Butterflies. And with good reason. Those pesky Monarch Butterflies at the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge have been annoying the alligators in the freshwater ponds for years. It’s hard to pretend to be a log and catch a fish for dinner with a bright orange butterfly sitting on your nose.

Alligators Can’t Stand Butterflies is an amusing collaboration of 6 stand-alone chapters that combine to tell one true yet fanciful tale, the story of the annual North American Monarch Butterfly Migration. Set in the raw beauty of the Florida Panhandle’s Forgotten Coast at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, ‘Alligators’ lets the reader wonder what all the animal inhabitants of the refuge are really up to when people are not closely watching.

The book begins with entertaining background information that reads with no more difficulty than a child’s book report. This sets the stage for half a dozen animal capers that are an engaging mix of silly, slightly sad and by story’s end, sublime.

Recommended for ages 7 to 12

Alligators Can't Stand Butterflies

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