A Woop In My Soup
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Learning to be kind and think of the people around you is an important lesson for children. What better way to learn this than by entering a world of fantastic imagining.
A Woop in my Soup is exactly that, as well as a fabulous piece of fun reading for children.
Written with a fast paced meter, A Woop in my Soup takes readers young and old on a roller coaster of rhyme. Beginning with a quick introduction to what a Woop is and what they represent, the story then literally leaps into action at a home where for one little boy rudeness is rewarded with a visit from a very strange creature... A Woop.

Inspired by the best works of Dr. Seuss, A Woop in my Soup author Keith Lawrence Roman creates a quick paced story filled with ridiculously funny scenes and situations.

With blazingly colorful illustrations by renowned children's book illustrator Barbara Litwiniec, the bouncing text of A Woop in my Soup is pure pleasure for the eyes and heart.

Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

A Woop In My Soup

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